About Me

I started Urban Stardust after having a hard time in my career as a dental hygienist due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. When Covid first hit, I was laid off of my job for months! That's when I decided I needed to make a change. This online boutique allows me to work no matter what new crisis gets thrown my way, and shopping with me helps you stay safe during uncertain times. I’ve always loved owning and wearing a well put together outfit that makes me feel like my best, most confident self. However, working as a dental hygienist means lots of scrubs, lots of stress, and little fashion. I decided to start working part-time and dive into my passion for fashion by opening my boutique. I’m excited to have a place for women to shop who love fashion just as much as I do. I want to help women to find quality pieces to add to their wardrobe. I believe clothing has a powerful ability to give people confidence to be their best selves, and I truly hope that I can give that to everyone who purchases from my store. I’m a southern woman who loves sweet tea and spending time with my family and close friends. My husband and I are settled in a little town in West Tennessee. We are currently expecting a baby boy, and we cannot be more excited to be parents! I hope my store is everything you’ve been looking for for your fashion needs. Please feel free to email me with any questions that you have. Happy Shopping, XOXO.